Winter 2017 | "Self" | Issue No. 13

In this issue of ART+DESIGN, we focus on something near and dear to everyone’s heart: the subject of “self.” Does our current society’s fondness of advertising how good we look and feel, in order to get an ego boost, echo the Greek myth of the beautiful but vain Narcissus? Trends expanding over the past decade, like the pressures put upon us by social media to be a “Special Snowflake,” the steady growth of the plastic surgery market, and the surfacing of a psychological version of the Adonis Complex (fittingly named “Dorian Gray syndrome”) have prompted psychologists to declare a worldwide “Narcissism Epidemic.” But what self-respecting narcissist would be humble enough to admit they have a problem without a little help. So read along as we reflect on the reflection in the mirror that so fascinates all of us, through the lens of art, design and experience.

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New Orleans is a creative city brimming over with creative people. ART+DESIGN is passionate about all of the artistic conduits that make New Orleans such an eclectic metropolis. It is with this vision that we enhance and enliven New Orleans through art, design, and experience.

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